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We are now accepting new students to learn and practice the ancient art of Wushu with a modern twist. All experience levels welcome.


Jade Moon Wushu Academy has been providing the instruction of Chinese Martial Arts, specializing in Wushu since 2002. Jade Moon has assembled world-class training by world-class Sifus, coaches, and athletes that have come together from various instructional backgrounds in this family-loving based environment.

Our system includes:

  • 108 Techniques Hung-Gar
  • Five Animal (Five Element)
  • 10 Traditional Northern Long Fist Forms
  • 32 Contemporary Forms
  • 64 Contemporary Line Basics & Variations
  • Compulsory Forms
  • Beginning forms from White Lotus, Wu-Bin, Li Jin Heng, Shao-Lin Tempe, & Wu-Tang Temple

Wushu is not a normal martial one would like to learn, the students and enthusiasts that come actually seek out this particular martial art. Some are drawn towards the flexibility it demands, the physical fitness; the weight-loss perks of the training, and even self-defense. Others come to Wushu since it is so dynamic and ever evolving use in today’s martial arts world.

JMWA also provides a great opportunity for students to take part in cultural events and traditions such as:

  • Lion Dance (Northern & Southern)
  • Dragon Dance
  • Chinese Opera Dance
  • Choreographed Fighting Routines
  • Musical Choreographed Group Routine Acrobatics
  • Chinese Drum, Gong, and Symbol Playing
  • History of Chinese Culture & Philosophy

Jade Moon Wushu Academy students and parents are encouraged to participate in our wide range of extracurricular activities: student, coach, and Sifu birthday parties, local and regional Wushu tournaments; Christmas, Halloween, and Chinese New Year parties; stretching, movie and pool parties, and community service events.